Community Groups

We make Jesus known when we intentionally do life together. This involves walking alongside one another in compassion, unity, and accountability. The local church is not merely a place that we attend but a people to whom we belong.

Therefore, we gather weekly in small groups to pray, confess, and encourage one another. The church has had plenty of names for this kind of discipleship.  We like to use the term "Community Group" to talk about this mode of discipleship. All of our Community Groups are off-campus, meaning that they meet in peoples' homes. They are intentionally intergenerational and geographically grouped. If you are interested in participating in one of these groups, simply join in or you can contact us for more information on where you would fit best.

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Community Groups

Lavon - Lacey // Group Leader: Brad Patterson // Host Home: Dan and Sabrena Lacey

Lavon - Hoffman // Group Leaders: Ted Dill and Dan McElwain // Host Home: David and Diane Hoffman

Nevada - Roddy // Group Leader: Jason Roddy // Host Home: Jason and Ami Roddy

Nevada - Rohlack // Group Leader: Keith Rohlack // Host Home: Keith and Angela Rohlack

Copeville/Farmersville - LeCrone // Group Leader: Keith Houseworth // Host Home: Greg and Cheryl LeCrone

Josephine/Royse City - Houseworth // Group Leader: Justin Pollock // Host Home: Curt and Karla Houseworth

Wylie/Sachse - Gaddis // Group Leader: Bobby Gaddis // Host Home: Bobby and Angela Gaddis