Sunday School

An important part of our discipleship is deepening our knowledge of Scripture, Theology and Life with Christ. 

Therefore, we gather weekly for Sunday School to grow in our understanding of God's Word. We do Sunday School a little different than most churches. Our classes are broken up by topic rather than age group. Children and Youth are the only classes based on age. All adult classes are purposefully intergenerational. We have three topics for 2019.

Narrative of Scripture - Teacher: Dan McElwain, Randy Roddy // This class will go through all 66 books of the Bible in one year. You will notice overarching themes throughout the entire canon of Scripture. 

Engaging the World - Teacher: Ted Dill // This class teaches practical tools to engage the world with the gospel. Evangelism technique and apologetics are the main themes. 

Christian Roles- Teacher: Bobby Gaddis // This class examines the theology of biblical manhood and womanhood as well as the different roles of parent, spouse, etc that we inhabit.